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Case Study | Louis Verheggen, Owner and Director

Wandoo Springs Regenerative Farm

Trigwell, Western Australia

Existing situation – July 2021

  • Grappling with a lot of information & didn’t know the next best step
  • Frustrated with communication not landing with business partner/wife

Before engaging our service

  • Didn’t have a trusted independent person to speak with
  • Often churned things over in own head or would speak generally to people

Desired outcomes from working with us

  • Wanted to develop good holistic management practices
  • Wanted a safe space to talk through challenges that come up

New situation – November 2022

  • Provided Being Profile Assessment and weekly mentoring conversations to facilitate self-coaching practice


  • Have a structure for conversations and a trusted sounding board for ideas
  • Overcome blockages as they come up
  • Work more effectively with business partner/wife
  • Office structure is almost complete enabling business partner/wife to work from farm
  • Holistic context, holistic grazing management plan and holistic financial plan completed
  • Aware of need to implement checking questions for holistic decision making
  • Implemented on farm slaughtering practice to eliminate animal stress from cartage


  • Confident and enthusiastic about plans for the future
  • Connected to a community of practice and meeting new people
  • Living simply in the country fulfilling on a life ambition


“Working with Barb has helped me clear away any uncertainties I had and build my confidence about what I am doing on the farm. I feel calmer and more self-assured about the holistic management practices I am implementing and the decision making process I am committed to using. We have created a strong partnership to develop future endeavours that support our families and our community like delivering holistic management education and creating opportunities for experiential learning. I am discovering what I am capable of in an environment of collaboration and I feel enthusiastic about the future”.

Louis Verheggen, Owner and Director | Wandoo Springs, Trigwell, WA

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