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Case Study | Elizabeth Brennan, Managing Director

agdots | Agricultural Services, Regional Leadership Development

Regional Western Australia

April 2020 – Existing Situation

  • Struggling to effectively influence and provide leadership in male dominated spaces

Before engaging our service

  • Informal mentors, colleagues and friends

Desired outcomes from working with us

  • Show up as the best version of myself
  • Communicate assertively and confidently
  • Improve board governance processes
  • Influence organisational culture to create inclusive and safe spaces

September 2020

  • Provided Being Profile Assessment and 12 month coaching program combined with a series of challenges and resources
  • Provided a safe space to ‘unload’, working on whatever came up

Key accomplishments

  • Better relationship with getting stuff done – progress is better than perfect
  • Reengaged with Masters Thesis after 10 years and completed it
  • Confident to implement governance processes to improve organisational function
  • Received challenging feedback and remained focused on the learning
  • Engaged effectively with an accountability structure and was open to contribution
  • Limiting beliefs were challenged and the surrounding culture transformed


  • Much more self-aware and feel free to speak up
  • Effective team member and no longer feel overburdened with responsibility
  • Willing to be vulnerable about weaknesses and allow others to contribute their strengths
  • Have the courage to engage in challenging conversations
  • Acknowledges that building muscle in self-acceptance is ongoing


“Barb helped me reconnect with my guiding ethos and to speak up confidently for good governance processes without being concerned about how the message might be received. She helped me to develop the courage to have uncomfortable conversations for change and discover that this is how I can make the biggest difference to people’s lives.

The resources and challenges she asked me to complete continue to be useful to me. Now I am willing to accept progress is better than perfection and to be open to contribution from others. I feel free to expand my influence and leadership and contribute to conversations that make a global difference.”

Elizabeth Brennan | Managing Director, agdots

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