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Case Study | Nathan Adams, Owner & Director

Magic Abalone | 3 Staff

Augusta, Western Australia

April 2020 – Existing situation

  • Lack of integrity caused personal/business issues
  • Often failed to fulfil on promises
  • He was guarded and lacked courage to speak up

Before engaging our service

  • Primarily sought advice from his mentors, business partners, colleagues and friends

Desired outcomes from working with us

  • Increased integrity and conscientiousness
  • Courage to be open and honest and direct
  • A life/work balance – increased health and fitness; improved quality family time

December 2020 – New situation

  • Provided Being Profile, Strengths Profile, 9 months coaching with exercises and resources
  • Provided a safe and non-judgemental space to ‘unload’ issues and brainstorm new ideas

Personal achievements

  • Developed the courage to ask difficult questions, leading to personal growth and freedom – he felt “like the weight of the world was lifted”
  • Disappeared his resentment and felt grateful & connected to nature e.g., he’s gone back to surfing regularly

Business accomplishments

  • Now willing to deal with conflict to produce better outcomes
  • More innovative and confident to perform at a higher level
  • Developed several new products from concept to market during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Created a new business with 3 new partners – Augusta Seafood – 8 employees

Now – March 2022

  • Open, honest and direct in his personal and business life
  • Happier and more resilient with the courage to persist
  • Authentic and open-minded to new opportunities and ways to do things


I really enjoyed the structure and integrity Bernard brought to our coaching sessions. He provides a safe and non-judgemental space so it was easy for me to open up and have vulnerable conversations. He always kept me focused on the issue at hand. I had lacked the courage to ask difficult questions in my personal and business life and I tended to avoid confrontation. I pretended I didn’t need help, ignoring issues, hoping they just went away.

Bernard’s coaching supported me to grow my assertiveness and crack through my fears. This led to a huge breakthrough and now I’m authentically open to contribution from my business partners and have the freedom to speak. I sleep better and I’m in a great head space.

I highly recommend working with Bernard.”

Nathan Adams. Owner |Magic Abalone, Augusta WA

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