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Case Study | Dr Pilar Kisat, Chief Executive Officer

Regional Arts WA

December 2022 – Existing Situation

  • Took on a CEO role after four years of academic research and writing which required a change of pace and ‘modus operandi’
  • With Covid-19 still in the background, dealing with the devastating impact on the arts and cultural industries
  • Needed to change gear and manage some complex issues both at a HR and financial level

Before engaging our service

  • Grappled with the issues in isolation because it was difficult to share with anyone in my workplace due to the sensitivity and confidential nature of the problems

Desired outcomes from working with us

  • Hoped to get clarity of thinking to allow decision making
  • Engage with an independent thinker who could provide some insights and critical appraisal of the issues I was confronted with

July 2023

  • Provided a 6-months Executive Coaching Program combined with a series of challenges and resources

Key accomplishments

  • Took decisive action to achieve change management and engage expertise to support the process
  • Exercised leadership and articulated a clear pathway towards sustainable change
  • Secured 4- year state government investment


  • Settled into the pace of the role and feel confident that the strategic changes have set the organisation up for future success
  • Confident in my decision-making processes and leadership ability to keep going particularly when the path forward is challenging
  • Willing to assert my ideas and values at board meetings and contribute to the strategic direction of the arts and culture sector more broadly


Barb listened to my conundrums very carefully and was able to distil the essence of the issues mirroring them back to me. This helped clarify my thinking and gave me a perspective, which was both critical and affirming. She disrupted my inner critic so that I could back myself and use my own support mechanisms. Barb backed me up and affirmed my thinking process which at the time was enormously valuable and helped spur me on!

Dr Pilar Kisat |CEO, Regional Arts WA

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