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Case Study | Jess Machin, Director

Regional Western Australia

July 2021 – Existing Situation

  • Regional museums hadn’t been adequately resourced for several years due to the machinery of government expenditure review and the focus on building new city-based museum
  • Regional staff didn’t feel valued or heard
  • Lots of unhelpful behaviours were being strongly expressed
  • Lack of capacity to self-lead and problem solve
  • Lack of common language imbedded in the organisational culture

Desired outcomes for the team from working with us

  • Staff feel valued, heard and supported
  • Sense of ownership and empowerment
  • Staff buy-in to self-examine and take responsibility for behaviours
  • Willing to problem solve solutions
  • Team cohesion and individual development
  • Shared leadership language

September, 2022

  • Provided 2x workshops, Being Profile reports and individual coaching with exercises and resources for the 8 senior managers and key support staff for the regional leadership team
  • Safe space for individual team members to work through personal and professional issues – anything was on the table

Key accomplishments

  • 12-month workshop and coaching program achieved embedded behaviour change
  • Management support enabled the director to focus on setting a new regional strategic plan
  • Professional learning and personal development was holistic

Leadership and Management Achievements

  • City based project team now connected with the regional teams and working collaboratively
  • Team agreements are being used alleviating the upsets from unmet expectations
  • Capable people are stepping up into higher level positions
  • Power of language understood and thinking before speaking being practiced


“Barb has supported me on my career journey helping me get clear on what is important to me. I have had a complete reset and manifested a new future. Now I have a job that suits my passion for community-based work and I work close to home. My awareness has increased resulting in work/home/health/spiritual life balance. I love working with my team and now I have access to a set of tools I can use to better support them. The CEO and other executives have noticed the improvement in my team and I have their full support to undertake a further 12-month program incorporating regional based workshops and group coaching. I am thrilled with the results we have achieved.”

Jess Machin | Director, WA Museum Regions

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