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Case Study | Robert Cass, Owner & Director

Jacaranda Hills Regenerative Farm

Pinjarra, Western Australia

Existing situation – February 2022

  • Didn’t know how to plan effectively, therefore didn’t start
  • Felt overloaded and overwhelmed with information
  • Engaged in perpetual and often ineffective action and was easily side-tracked
  • Felt frustrated at not accomplishing larger tasks
  • Found it difficult to ask for help

Before engaging our service

  • Kept frustrations to himself or shared them with his wife/business partner.

Desired outcomes from working with us

  • Support with short-term and long-term planning

New situation – November 2022

  • Provided Being Profile Assessment, a 7-month coaching program with challenges and resources


  • Willing to plan a year ahead & altered expectations of a 5-year plan to be a flexible & adaptable guide for action
  • Worked effectively with partner utilising her skills to flesh out five-year plan & plan details
  • Adapted to changing circumstances, not stopped by them
  • Experimented with ‘safe to fail’ tests building confidence to try new things
  • Utilised existing social media & photography skills to promote HipCamp on the farm
  • Developed a plan for cabin accommodation, applied and received State funding support (20-fold return on coaching program investment)
  • Improved farm infrastructure – HipCamp kitchen structure, lower driveway repairs and maintenance & front door paving complete and shed cleaned out and operational
  • Built up pasture-raised chicken stock numbers & utilised neighbour’s cattle to regenerate lower paddocks


  • More confident to experiment with new things on a small scale
  • Able to adjust when circumstances change without feeling stressed
  • Willing to ask for help, particularly with detailed work required for planning


“Working with Barb, I grew my confidence and flexibility as a business owner. Before coaching, I was worried about trying new things and reluctant to ask for help or try new ideas suggested by my business partner. Rather than be stuck or sit in silence with frustration, I now have the courage to seek help and support from others, particularly with planning. I am more adaptable and can effectively manage my stress as circumstances change. My increased courage has transformed the way I operate. I’m now willing to experiment and interact with failure as a step to ultimate success.”

Robert Cass, Owner & Director| Jacaranda Hill Farm, Pinjarra, WA

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