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Case Study | Marta Perona, Regional Manager

Museum of the Goldfields | 11 Staff

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

July 2021 – Existing Situation – Operations Manager (< 1 year in role)

  • Felt lost and without purpose
  • Workplace was chaotic; without systems and lacked clear direction
  • Poor management of expectations and communication with staff
  • Wasn’t assertive and didn’t have the skills to manage staff expectations

Before engaging our service

  • Primarily sought solutions from her husband and occasionally reached out to colleagues

Desired outcomes from working with us

  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased self-belief, confidence and assertiveness
  • Purpose & direction with a better life balance (work/family)

July 2022 – New situation

  • Provided 2x Workshops, Being Profile Report, 12-months coaching, exercises & resources
  • Provided a safe and non-judgemental space to speak openly and share concerns


  • Increased confidence and assertiveness
  • Helped organise a large community event in my own time. Drawing on my strengths, my self-doubt transformed into self-belief, this was a pivotal point in my leadership journey.
  • Applied for Regional Manager position and was successful, resulting in 15.5% more income
  • Implemented several new systems in the workplace, e.g., new monthly staff meetings
  • Communication is now open & staff are well informed with clear outcomes and timelines;
  • Greater trust, unity and teamwork is evident and staff are encouraged to contribute.
  • Staff have role clarity and are proactive; the workplace is happier, organised and relaxed

Now – September 2022

  • Self-aware of limitations and confident to find answers or someone who will have answers
  • Empowered, confident, grounded and calmer with a better life balance
  • Built an important support network with head office and other regional managers & team
  • Have a clear vision and confident with the skills to lead the team towards that vision


“The Regenerative Leadership Program was a welcome opportunity to learn about myself and my role within our small team, to build self-awareness and to discover practical ways I could grow and develop both personally and as a leader. A key learning was putting in place agreements to ensure the team as a whole works towards shared goals. This is helping us ensuring all expectations are met and individuals are supported where needed.”

Marta Perona, Regional Manager | Museum of the Goldfields Kalgoorlie WA

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