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Case Study | Gina Mais, Business Owner

Juice Plus & Essentrics® l Health and Wellbeing

Perth, Western Australia

Existing situation

  • Felt stagnant and didn’t know my next step
  • Not ready to develop a full marketing program
  • Needed better understanding of own drivers and motivations

Before engaging our service

  • Conversations with marketing coach
  • Standard network marketing support

Desired outcomes from working with us

  • Create a holistic strategy & structure to build the business
  • Develop business skills and tools

November 2022

  • Provided 10-months coaching support combined with a series of challenges and resources


  • Learned about myself and what I am good at; now able to ask for help to build my business capability


  • Financial concerns no longer running all my decisions
  • Readily take responsibility for my unhelpful behaviours
  • Willing to take uncomfortable actions to build courage and confidence
  • Value my experience and contribution to business/team workability
  • Back myself and no longer need external validation
  • Open to assert my truth and listen to other perspectives
  • Empowered to make requests; willing to be vulnerable and explore new possibilities


“Barb’s coaching support helped me transition to become the confident and empowered business person I am today. Earlier in my business career, I thought there was only me to rely on. Now I realise I have a team around me and I am conscious of my impact on them. I willingly look for opportunities to empower my team to be the best they can be, which underpins my overall business strategy.”

Gina Mais, Business Owner| Juice Plus & Essentrics®, Perth WA

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