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Case Study | Raquel Johnson, Regenerative Farmer

Owner & Director, Galloway Springs Regenerative Farm | 4 Staff

Bridgetown, Western Australia

November 2021 – Existing Situation

  • Time management issues and lack of direction
  • Didn’t know how to best utilise her strengths and unable to easily accept her weaknesses
  • Lacked confidence, undervalued her skills and didn’t believe she was an asset to the business

Before engaging our service

  • Primarily kept her problems to herself
  • Didn’t reach out to others for support, advice or professional development

Desired outcomes from working with us

  • Better organised
  • Confident to successfully run a business
  • To be assertive and work respectfully with her business partner/husband

March 2022

  • For 5 months provided coaching combined with a series of challenges and resources
  • Provided a safe space to ‘unload’ and comfortably brainstorm new ideas

Leadership and management achievements

  • Strong development in confidence using agreements rather than expectations
  • Knows herself to be a confident business woman and able to be decisive
  • Developed competence in managing her time using daily ‘To Do’ lists
  • Able to bring people in to the business who are values aligned
  • Developed courage to deal with conflict and ask difficult questions
  • Established a new buyer relationship and increased annual revenue.


  • Feels empowered and confident with a strong sense of self-worth
  • Business leader able to confidently develop new product lines and sales opportunities
  • Creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs and empowering them to develop new product lines


“Since meeting Barb at a Holistic Management course in early 2021, Murray and I have enjoyed working with her as a leader and influencer of change for positive outcomes regarding health of soil, society and sustainable agricultural systems.

Barb has proven to be a very apt group coordinator and leadership consultant. The diversity and degree of her past experiences make Barb a dynamic and inspirational group mentor. As my leadership coach, Barb has challenged me to own my existing skills and develop new skills for the good of our business and we are already seeing positive results.

Barb is generous and warm with a ready smile and has boundless energy and passion for promoting the health of the planet. Our recommendation is without reserve. Any person who engages Barb to develop their interpersonal or leadership skills is setting themselves up for success.”

Raquel Johnson, Galloway Springs, March 2022

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