Regenerative Leadership Development Program 2021-2022

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“A tree can only be as strong as the forest that surrounds it.”  Peter Wohlleben (2016) Hidden Life of Trees

Leadership Development Program

‘Leading Regeneratively’

Regenerative leadership is about bringing forth the unique solutions our world needs now by:

  • integrating ourselves with our natural environment to be whole and complete;
  • transforming the quality of our relationships;
  • combining our feminine and masculine energies with our creativity and logic.

While out of sight, what goes on beneath the soil surface is vital for plant health and growth.  Similarly, what lies beneath the surface with people is critical for our health, growth and performance.

We work with what is below the surface, helping you regenerate your BEING to enhance your effectiveness. Our promise to you is you will transform your relationship with yourself and with the people in your life to fulfil your goals amid a supportive ecosystem.

You are here because you want to make a difference to the planet and we are here to empower you with the skills and leadership development you need to fulfil your vision for the world.

Our ability to lead ourselves to bring our vision into existence is something we can develop.

Like running a marathon, it’s not easy and it is possible with practice and support.

Most people never get started and some people get started and then get stopped.

A few inspiring people have a clear vision of their future and a commitment so steadfast they are willing to do what it takes to make their future a reality.

You are here because you are an entrepreneur, a creator, a cultivator, a regenerator, or a visionary.

You are here because you are up to something that is going to make a real difference to our planet.

You are here because you are clear about what you are committed to and you are determined not to be stopped until you have accomplished your vision.

Program details

In your first workshop:

  • You will increase your self-awareness and your awareness of your impact on your environment. 
  • You will learn how to deal powerfully with upsets and resentments, allowing you to communicate assertively and confidently to achieve your business goals. 
  • You will discover your hidden power and how to plan for the future you are committed to.
  • Your Being Profile will support you to identify your areas for development and help you remove barriers to achieving your goals. 
  • Your Being Profile will provide you with a framework for your personalised coaching program. 

This includes a questionnaire to drill down on what outcomes you want for yourself and your life out of coaching and the workshop program.

  • Coaching is vital for your ongoing development. 
  • Coaching provides you with the freedom and space to discover and remove the barriers to your success; discover your own solutions to your problems and provides an accountability structure to keep you focused and on track to achieve your goals.

In your second workshop:

  • You will come together with your cohort to share your successes and learn from each other’s breakdowns and breakthroughs. 
  • You will learn how to be proactive and resourceful.
  • You will learn to effectively engage and contribute to others to expand the productivity of your team.

The value (not cost) of your program is $6,200.


  • Workshop 1: 15-16 September, 2021
  • Workshop 2: 19-20 January, 2022
  • Where: Muresk Agricultural College, Northam *
  • Your investment: $2,575 + GST (this is tax deductible – please confirm with your tax consultant about your personal circumstances)
  • Accommodation: You can book a room at the Muresk Institute for $70 per night. If you prefer to arrive a day early or stay an extra night before heading home it will cost $125 for two nights. Alternative accommodation is available in the nearby town of Northam, which is 14 km from Muresk Institute.
  • Food: We provide you with morning & afternoon tea and lunch. Dinner on day 1 is not included in your registration. We encourage you to make a group booking in Northam to get to know each other socially.

* The Being Profile debrief and coaching program will be held via the Zoom platform.

Program Details September 2021 – February 2022

September 2021

Workshop 1

Muresk Institute

October 2021

Being Profile Assessment and Debrief

First coaching session

November 2021

Coaching Session 2

Coaching Session 3

December 2021

Coaching Session 4

Coaching Session 5

January 2022

Workshop 2

Muresk Institute

February 2022

Final coaching session

Our COVID-19 Policy

In the event of a lock down due to COVID-19 your workshop program will be rescheduled. We will continue to provide you with your Being Profile debrief and your coaching program via the Zoom platform. In the event that the rescheduled workshop dates do not work for you, we will provide you with a refund less any expenses already incurred.

If you are unclear about the intent of this policy or would like further information, please contact us to speak with us at

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Our Latest Articles

Client Reviews

“One of the most insightful courses I have ever done because it covered the professional and the personal. I would like to have ongoing stages of the Local Leadership Program to continue learning, growing, sharing and connecting with Australia and the world through networks.”

Dawn Thompson, Broome, WA

“I engaged Barb in 2020 as a leadership coach to assist me with the new business direction to help women get a seat on a board. What’s great about Barb is her ability to listen deeply and hear what is not being said. She challenged me to lift my game to a whole new level. She’s smart, fast and she’s on my team. Highly recommend her as a partner to lift your game to the next level.”

Helen Robinet, Leadership & Confidence Coach, Melbourne

“Working with Bernard I learnt to face up to my fears, building my confidence, commitment, courage, and purpose to step from the known into the less familiar. With Bernard’s coaching I developed my assertiveness and put in place new agreements with my husband that gave me time and space to pursue things that are important to me. This created a greater partnership with my husband as we move into our next phase of life.”

Katrina Butler, Teacher and Trainer, Perenjori, WA

“Bernard provided me with coaching when I was setting up an architect office partnership with a senior mentor.  The office workload was increasing rapidly. Bernard’s coaching assisted me to expand our team from 2 – 4 architects, to improve office communication and to establish effective time structures contributing to the delivery of projects of high quality, within budget and on time.”

Ally Mackenzie, Architect, Northam, WA

“Before coaching with Bernard, I lacked the courage to ask the difficult questions in my personal and business life. I tended to avoid confrontation and I used to pretend I didn’t need the help, or I would ignore the issue and hope it would just go away. Bernard’s coaching supported me to develop my courage and assertiveness and crack through my numbness and fears. I’m now open to contribution from my business partners.”

Nathan Adams, Entrepreneur, Augusta, WA

“I have gained friends who, like me, are actively pursuing goals that add great value to the community. Knowing I have ongoing support and encouragement from inspirational people who are visionary, courageous and at the cutting edge empowers me immensely in my own pursuits to realise my vision.”

Craig Mathieson, Margaret River, WA

“Bernard helped me grapple with everything from self-doubt to recreating my future direction. He brings his unique way of looking at the issue under discussion never failing to have the courage to speak his mind. This is something I find refreshing and very valuable when grappling with my own self-doubts and concerns.”

John Williams, Coach and Big Picture Thinker, Brisbane, QLD

“Bernard’s coaching supported me to clarify the direction of my leadership development, conquer my struggle with goal setting and allowed me to regain my power over my own success. Bernard asked direct questions that needed to be asked and that challenged my perspectives. I will return to my session notes time and time again and have no doubt they will continue to inspire me to be a better leader.”

Paula Johnston, Chief Financial Officer, Newcastle, NSW

“In my personal capacity, it is with confidence that I highly recommend Barb and Bernard. Thank you Barb, for helping me step into my authentic style of gentle leadership from which I can more powerfully bring societal, environmental and economic healing to our world.”

Fiona West, Shire of Broome Councillor

“I have loved that our facilitator has been precise with the delivery… A program like this requires a ‘’real human’’ to deliver this. If one pretends their life is perfect, I think I would have seen this as fake and not learned as much as I have…my facilitator was open, honest and real.”

Robin Naylor, Williams, WA
“Late in 2020, we participated in the leadership development program offered by the Institute of Regenerative Leadership. Since then I have worked with Barb and this has given me the confidence I needed to move forward. Barb’s guidance has helped me clear the blockages as they have come up and kept me moving forward toward what I am committed to.”

Rod Butler, Regenerative Farmer

“I engaged Bernard to coach me around the difficult aspects of my business that I would prefer to shove under the rug. One session at a time he was able to see where I was hesitating and honed in to recommend swift and clever action. It was action that made all the difference. Bernard has an insightful and creative thinking style. He asks really smart questions, the kind that challenge and get results with great clarity.”

Helen Robinet, Leadership and Confidence Coach, Melbourne, Victoria

“Barb is an insightful and masterful coach who can hold the space for a deep conversation. Working with Barb has allowed me to safely release trauma which helped me to transform an area of my life for good. Now I can move on and start a new phase of life with freedom and joy. I can highly recommend Barb as a coach.”

Jacqueline Hofste, Principle Leadership Coach, Sydney

“Bernard’s coaching was insightful, supportive and at times confronting, which was just what I needed to continue my journey of personal and professional growth. While working with him, I was able to look more deeply at areas of my life where I was not performing or being fully authentic, and he empowered me to make some hard decisions aimed at moving things forward.”

Caroline New, Executive Leadership Coach, Sydney, NSW
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