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Case Study | Sarah Morris, Strategy Manager

RAC, Western Australia

Existing situation

  • Lacked self-confidence and belief in my own abilities
  • Regularly engaged in negative self-talk & didn’t communicate needs assertively
  • Lacked self-forgiveness, often experiencing paralysing guilt
  • Took on too many commitments to avoid having quiet time to reflect

Before engaging our service

  • Kept things to myself, physically exercising sometimes to excess

Desired outcomes from working with us

  • Improve self-confidence and quieten down negative self-talk
  • Trust in my capabilities and experience confidence to put myself forward for higher duties/level position
  • Reduce anxiety & negative feelings when dealing with challenging situations involving senior staff
  • Develop self-acceptance and forgiveness to rapidly recover from challenges & move on
  • Implement program of self-care to slow down and reflect

New situation

  • 2 x Being Profile Assessments and 21-month coaching program


  • Increased self-awareness of triggers and unhelpful coping mechanisms & able to interrupt them more often and earlier
  • Accepted and forgiven myself for past choices and they no longer determine my future direction
  • Confident dealing with senior staff; promoted after 6 months in new organisation & currently interviewing for senior manager role
  • President of RAC Emerging Professionals Group
  • Currently on Empower – RAC women’s 9-month leadership course
  • 30 percent increase in salary


  • Empowered and don’t let fear get in my way
  • Focused on challenging myself for continual growth and development
  • Building competency in asking for help when overstretched with family commitments
  • Developing proficiency in self-care practices


“I worked with Barb when I was a project officer at Joondalup Health Campus as part of an emerging leaders’ program during the Covid-19 pandemic. I was task orientated and driven but I didn’t feel accomplished and was often exhausted. She helped me let go of behaviours that didn’t serve me, develop confidence in my capabilities and value my contribution to the team. With her guidance, I slowed down to become more effective at strategic thinking. I am willing to seek help when I need it and I am on the path to achieving a work/family/health balance. Now I feel confident in my ability to strategically guide my future direction and the future direction of the RAC. “

Sarah Morris, Strategy Manager| RAC, Perth WA

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