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Case Study | Les Andrews, Officer in Charge

Warwick Police Station

Warwick, Western Australia

Existing situation – Broome, June 2020

  • Constant criticism from the new management team eroded my self-confidence & self-belief
  • Felt unworthy of my position, even though I secured it through a competitive process

Before engaging our service

  • Felt like a fraud & incompetent at my job, always focussing on ‘predictable’ criticism
  • Couldn’t absorb positive feedback from community members, professional partners & peers
  • Only discussed aspects of my work situation with my wife who experienced similar emotional detriment

Desired outcomes from working with us

  • New tools to help me manage the work pressure I was experiencing
  • Mentally and emotionally committed to exposing myself to learn more about my own resilience

New Situation – February 2023

  • Being Profile Assessment and six-month coaching program combined with a series of challenges and resources.


  • Reflected on my prejudices to ensure my communication and decisions were level headed and informed
  • Re-discovered my self-confidence & belief in my ability to trust in my decision-making process
  • Happy to learn & equally comfortable speaking my mind in a group environment in moments requiring critical decisions
  • Effectively manage my emotions & don’t allow external influences to impact my happiness


  • Support people through challenges but no longer carry their burden as my own
  • When feeling frustrated I process what has created “my issue” and get over it quickly, no longer blaming others
  • Don’t take work concerns home & experience a sense of acceptance with my life & way the world is


“What I learned from my coaching program with Barb has continued to support me over the past two years and I freely share my knowledge with the people I work with. I have removed my consent for others to upset me, especially in my professional environment and I’ve never felt more comfortable in my being. I’ve had an awaking like no other and now everyone gets the 100% authentic me.”

Les Andrews, Officer in Charge| WA Police, Warwick Police Station

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