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Case Study | Josh Serafini, Business Founder

Manager, Home Karawara |Chef to the Homeless

Manning, Western Australia

Existing situation

  • Living on the streets of inner Perth
  • Frustrated at not getting agencies to understand complex challenges
  • Inadequate communication tools & difficulty managing emotions
  • Didn’t feel empowered to make difference to situation

Before engaging our service

  • Daily struggle to stay alive and keep healthy
  • Often felt unsupported and overwhelmed
  • Talked to anyone who would listen & wasn’t strategic with energy

Desired outcomes from working with us

  • Wanted to feel heard and be homed
  • Wanted to be a valued member of society
  • Wanted to advocate to government on behalf of homeless community

October 2022

  • 2-year pro bono coaching program


  • Personal, professional and spiritual development
  • Five years homed and free of substance abuse issues
  • Managing a team of volunteers to cook for homeless community
  • Engaging with a range of agencies
  • Numerous media engagements to raise awareness about homelessness
  • Established Homeless Walking Tours to raise awareness of the scale of problem


  • Empowered to make a difference to my life
  • Developed a supportive team around me and make a difference to their lives
  • Fit, healthy, happy and composed
  • Establishing a business


“Barb freely gave me her time when I was at my lowest ebb in my life. She believed in my ability to turn my life around and she encouraged me to think big. I learned what I was capable of through her coaching support and I manifested my future by altering my communication. Now I have clarity of thought and I don’t let challenges get in my way. Best of all, I laugh a lot. Looking back, it’s hard to believe I have transformed my experience of being homeless into a business enterprise. I am very grateful for the opportunity to contribute back to my community.”

Joshua Serafini | Home Karawara, Chef to the Homeless | Manning WA

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